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Hunting classics and new innovations

For decades our product development and testing has been a communal process, where we get feedback directly from the local hunters. This relationship allows us to provide quality conscious hunters with the best, non-compromising hunting clothing that will perform in even the toughest weather conditions.

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Taiga jacket

High performance and technoloqy disguised in the feel and comfort of 100 % cotton. This technical jacket is made of Ventile® is as great a companion on back-country hikes.
  • protective hood
  • water-repellent zips
  • zip pockets
  • adjustable hem


Ventile® is a densely woven, very breathable and durable fabric from 100% cotton. Ventile® is not coated or laminated. Instead, the cotton fibres swell when wet, making the fabric tight and water-repellent. Thus the fabric provides excellent protection against wind, rain, snow, and cold.

Colour options:
38 Dark Olive
  • 100% cotton
Sizes: XS - XXXL
Recommended price: -

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