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Repair service

We repair products of our own production in our sewing shop as required and within the realms of possibility. The most typical repairing tasks requested of us include zip replacement, patching of tears, and shortening and lengthening of sleeves and legs. We generally charge for repairing tasks by the hour. Our hourly rate is €40.



Charged by the hour, minimum charge of €20 + material costs
(The cost estimate will be confirmed after we have received the product for inspection.)


Zip replacement: €35 (including the zip)


Changes to sleeves and legs

Sleeves/legs with Velcro tape, zip, or another tightening method: shortening for €45, lengthening for €50
Simpler sleeves/legs: shortening for €35, lengthening for €40


Other repairing tasks

The pricing for other repairing tasks will be agreed upon separately on a case-specific basis. Postage will be added to the price. Repaired products will be returned as cash-on-delivery parcels, with mending costs and postage charged when the package is delivered.

Note: Please inform Sasta of any repair before sending the product, by e-mail at taija(at)sasta.fi or by telephone at +358 207 424 434. After you have informed Sasta, you will receive detailed sending instructions and an estimate of the return date.



We believe in taking full mileage of your clothing and repairing them when needed. This is why we have offered a repair-service in Nurmes for almost 50 years.

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