Sasta Green Team

Sasta´s green team are extremely active, and spend several weeks of the year testing our clothing ranges to the limit in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. 

Their feedback gives our active designers information that aids us to optimise our selection of materials and technical specifications.

Our test team concists of some of the best known and well respected hunting people throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Their input can only help us achieve our goal to be the best Green Outdoor clothing in the market place today, and for the future to come.

Kusti Kairikko, the first member of Sasta Green Team, has been testing Sasta hunting outfits for years.

The other team members are Norvegian photographer Knut Hauge, Swedish Hans ”Hasse” Åhlström, Finnish Henrik ”Henkka” Puolakoski and Jouni Vehma.